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I’m actually so excited to write this post because I LOVE fall. I’m as basic as they come and I can’t wait for sweaters & boots & jeans & scarves. I get butterflies just thinking about it. With that being said, let’s talk about fall trends! Looking at trends for the up & coming season makes me so happy. I mean I think my job obviously has a lot to do with my eagerness for this but I also love seeing how they evolve from year to year.

  1. Printed boots. One word: OBSESSED. I haven’t seen one printed boot I haven’t absolutely loved. Granted I haven’t bought any yet, I’m waiting for one to take my breath away & I will add it to my closet. I’m sure it’ll be featured on the blog when that day comes so stay tuned.

  2. Victorian collars. Another trend I love. So elegant & classy. However, a very hard style to pull off. I personally have never even tried on a Victorian collar but it’s not flattering on everyone so I guess I’ll have to test it out this season!

  3. Retro hats. I love this trend… on other people! Definitely not my style but it’s adorable on others. Such a cute accessory for a simple outfit but again, difficult to pull off!

  4. Pearls. Pearls. PEARLS. I want everything with pearls. There’s an oversized denim jacket with pearls on it at Nordstrom & I stare at it whenever I see it. It’s beautiful. Pearls can make any casual piece of clothing so fun & pretty.

  5. Fishnets. A trend that’s moving from summer to fall! Fishnet tights & fishnet socks with booties or under ripped jeans is such an easy way to spice up an outfit. When done right, it’s such a cute look.

  6. Mid length skirts. I basically live in mid length skirts. They’re so easy & look so cute. Mid length is honestly more comfortable to me probably because I’m on the taller side. Paired with a cute heel & top can be made casual or dressy. Love!

  7. Velvet. This trend is hilarious to me because I HATE velvet. You can ask my mom. I never buy it. However, the pieces I’ve seen for this fall I’m in love with. How is that possible? I have no clue. I’ve seen shirts, dresses, booties. I literally love them all. So I guess I’ll be giving velvet a chance!

As always, thanks for reading! I’m so excited to start piecing together outfits for this fall & seeing what will be added to my wardrobe. New season=new clothes! Hopefully I’ll be coming out with more post soon!

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