What to Wear When the Weather is Changing

It’s that AWESOME time of year when it’s 45° in the morning when we leave for the day and then 80° by noon. This usually leaves me regretting the sweater, leggings and booties I put on in the morning. Which made me think, what are some outfits I could wear that are easily transitional from cold to warm? Let me tell ya, it’s easier said than done! I really had to brainstorm about this but I actually thought of some options!

  1. My favorite & my go-to in most situations is a t-shirt dress with a jean jacket and booties/mules. T-shirt dresses are my favorite piece of clothing because you’re wearing a dress which looks cute and classy but IT’S A T-SHIRT! Honestly so comfy but so adorable. A nice oversized or fitted jean jacket over it always makes for a good outfit. I personally love oversized jean jackets because its like a big cardigan. Next is the hard part: which shoes to go with? Obviously if its too cold in the A.M. you don’t want sandals but if it’s going to be hot later then booties might be too hot. The perfect in between is mules! An open back lets your feet breath but won’t freeze your toes! You could also add a cute scarf for the morning if its really chilly & throw it in your bag as the day warms up!

  2. A more casual & comfy option is leggings, a tee & a flannel. You can literally NEVER go wrong with this look. Who doesn’t want to wear leggings but still look cute? Either a plain white tee/band tee/sports team tee with a fun flannel. If your favorite flannel is dirty you can always do a denim button down, too! This option is perfect because when it starts to warm up you can tie your button down around your waist & still look adorable. Accessorizing this look is so simple because you can do cute mules or sandals for a simple and girly look or you can do sneaks and a baseball cap to be sporty. So easy & appropriate for this weather!

  3. Another dressier option is jeans, a plain tank & a kimono. Majority of true kimonos are light weight chiffon material which is so breathable & ideal for this type of weather. It’ll keep you covered when its chilly out but will still be light enough when it warms up. I personally love the printed ones with a plain top under but the solid kimonos obviously come in handy too! The best part about kimonos is that you can find them every where for super reasonable! It’s the same idea with the shoes for this outfit: mules, sandals or booties depending on the heat wave in the afternoon! This can also be made even dressier with white or black denim & lots of accessories. And of course throwing on some heels always adds to an outfit!

This post took some serious thinking but these have been my go to outfits in the past few weeks. If you have any other outfit suggestions please let me know! I would love to share them. Hopefully this post can help someone out there from overheating in the afternoon! As always, thanks for reading! Have a great day!

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