About T. Boutique

Meet Taylor

The quote “it’s a beautiful thing when a passion & a career come together” is the perfect way to describe why I started T. Boutique. My name is Taylor & I’m a 28 year old from Buffalo, NY. I always loved fashion & started my career as a manager at one of my favorite retailers in Pittsburgh, PA. Eventually I got homesick & wanted to come back to the 716 so that's how T. Boutique came about! My mom, aunt & grandma all encouraged me to open my own boutique, which was so scary for me but it's the best decision I ever made. The “T” stands for…you guessed it, Taylor! (My grandma calls me that!) 


The Mission

T. Boutique's goal is to bring trendy statement pieces and simple staple pieces to your daily wardrobe or for any event coming up. We also work hard to bring you high fashion at affordable prices. We have new arrivals in the store every week & sometimes, every day! Along with our clothing, we carry fun accessories to go with your new outfit. Our accessories include sunglasses, jewelry, bags, scarves, etc.


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